Complete Cycle Support ~ Holiday Bundle



Relief from discomfort   inside & out, day & night. 

When our suppositories and topical balm are used together, you experience the powerful natural pain relief you’ve been yearning for. Now available for a limited time as a bundled set.

Our CBD products are intentionally created to ease discomfort and inflammation, support pleasure, and encourage deep sleep.

Includes 1 jar of our Ritual Cycle Support CBD Balm, 1 pack of Day Suppositories, and 1 pack of Night Suppositories.

Reminder: Our suppositories are oil-based, meaning that they could weaken the efficacy of latex condoms. If using for pleasure, we recommend using condoms and toys that are safe for use with oil-based products. 


The Ritual Cycle Support CBD Balm
Murumuru Butter / Kokum Butter / Arpricot Kernal Oil / Jojoba Oil / Shea Butter / Argan Oil / Candelilla Wax / 1,200 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract / Lavender Essential Oil / Cedarwood Essential Oil / Patchouli Essential Oil / Peppermint Essential Oil 

Suppositories — Day
Certified Organic Cocoa butter / 100mg full spectrum CBD extract (25mg CBG extract per serving)

Suppositories — Night
Certified Organic Cocoa butter / 100mg of full spectrum CBD extract (25mg of CBD + 10mg of CBN extract per serving)

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Note: If you are pregnant or taking pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your doctor before use. Do not use if you are allergic to hemp extract or cocoa butter. 


Apply liberally to areas of discomfort, such as abdominal cramps, sore breasts, and lower back pain.


With clean hands, insert vaginally or rectally for menstrual support or for pleasure. When using on your period, insert as you begin to feel any cramping or discomfort. At night, we recommend inserting 30-45min prior to going to bed. For enhancing pleasure, we recommend inserting 30 minutes before foreplay to allow for absorption. Leaks are normal as your suppository warms to your body temperature, so we recommend the use of a panty liner or tampon after inserting.

"ENUF’s mission has always been one thing – to naturally relieve period pain.

Our suppositories are the natural next addition to our offerings, and I love their amazing ability to work in unison with our Cycle Support CBD Balm. Combining them all allows you to tackle external discomforts topically, while simultaneously soothing internal inflammation and pain."

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