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You've probably noticed that it's harder to get a good night's sleep when you're on your period. It's not all in your head. Due to the dip of progesterone levels during this time, insomnia is something that might be all too familiar each month.

Our nighttime CBD suppositories tackle both pain and discomfort while providing a restful night's sleep – without leaving you groggy in the morning.

Each pack contains 4 suppositories that each contain 100mg of organic full-spectrum CBD and 10mg of CBN.


With clean hands, insert vaginally or rectally for menstrual support or for pleasure.

We recommend using 30-45min prior to going to bed.  While everyone’s body is different, We recommend using a panty liner or tampon to avoid any leakage. 

Reminder: Our suppositories are oil-based, meaning that they could weaken the efficacy of latex condoms. If using for pleasure, we recommend using condoms and toys that are safe for use with oil-based products.


Certified Organic Cocoa butter / 100mg of full spectrum CBD extract (25mg of CBD + 10mg of CBN extract per serving)

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Note: If you are pregnant or taking pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your doctor before use. Do not use if you are allergic to hemp extract or cocoa butter.

CBN (cannabinol), when combined with THC, acts as a sedative and enhances drowsiness. We’ve carefully selected a full-spectrum CBD extract for our Night suppositories that contain a larger percentage of CBN to capitalize on this tranquilizing effect – so that you can find relief for every restless, sleepless night of your cycle.

"I’m truly so excited about these. I have struggled with sleeping while on my period for…I don’t know... as long as I can remember? As I’m sure everyone has.

I usually have a nightstand full of sleep aids to help during that week when it’s the worst, and these have completely changed my evening menstruating routine.

They are totally a two-in-one product. The CBD soothes your pelvic and lower back pain, while the CBN helps tackle that hormonal insomnia – easing you to sleep and keeping you asleep without the groggy morning wakeup."

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